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Nanobody Service Facility (NSF)

The Nanobody Service Facility is technology platform of the University of Zurich established to provide production and selection of highly specific single-domain camelid antibody fragments, commonly known as nanobodies, to Life Science Community in Zurich and region.


We are a non-profit service platform with many years experience in phage-display and selection of binders, offering production of immune nanobody libraries at costs attractive for researchers.


The Nanobody Service Facility offers its services to members of the University and the University Hospitals as well as ETH research groups. We are open for collaboration with other academic groups in Switzerland and abroad. 


Industry partners interested in nanobody technology are welcome to contact us. 

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Dr. Saša Štefanić

Tel.: +41 (0)52 354 91 28

"Structural basis of the Meinwald rearrangement catalysed by styrene oxide isomerase"

New publication

New publication from the Laboratory of Biomolecular Research, Paul Scherrer Institute.

"Structural basis of the Meinwald rearrangement catalysed by styrene oxide isomerase"


"Generation of nanobodies by immunization of alpaca at the Nanobody Service Facility of the UZH has been very valuable for leadXpro. We use the nanobodies directly or converted into Pro-Macrobodies as a tool to progress our membrane protein X-ray and cryo-EM structure projects. A big thank to the very competent work of the team of Saša Štefanić!"

Michael Hennig, CEO leadXpro


"I had the pleasure to work with Dr Stefanic and the NSF with the ultimate goal of generating nanobodies targeting the cyst wall of Giardia lamblia, a parasite of global medical importance, as part of a UZH-funded project. The NSF provided all the support and advice needed for the successful completion of this project. Further input for follow-up experiments including nanobody production, validation and possible applications was also generously shared, beyond the call of duty. I am extremely satisfied with the service provided by the NSF and have warmly recommended it to colleagues at both UZH and UniBern where I currently lead my own group."

Prof.Dr. Carmen Faso


"Our research on bacterial pathogens greatly profits from NFS platform to conduct alpaca immunization at the University of Zurich. We highly appreciate the flexibility, reliablity and overall quality of the services provided by Saša Štefanić and his team."

Prof. Dr. Markus Seeger



Eschikon 27, EHB/EHD F22

CH-8315 Lindau


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